Citrus Trees are highly vulnerable due to their fruit, a significant target for insects that survive by feasting on the sugary delicacies. The problem is, however, not just with them but also environmental troubles such as cold weather, diseases, and many kinds of nutritional deficiencies. Citrus easily one of the most targeted and most vulnerable, highly complicated types of tree you can grow.

For example, the Citrus Canker and Citrus Greening are highly devastating bacterial that take root and can quickly kill and devastate large swaths of Citrus plant. In addition to these bacterial killers, there are also pests like whiteflies, scales, aphids, and mealybugs. In addition to sooty mold, these nasty bugs and other menacing orange tree killers must be dealt with. In addition to bugs, there are also severe nutritional deficiencies that must be dealt with, such as Nitrogen, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, and more. These nutritional problems require diligent fertilization efforts. Thankfully GreenEdge is highly passionate and focused on Citrus Care.

Citrus Care By Certified Arborists And Horticulturists.

Fertilizing Citrus & Citrus Tree Nutrition

First, it’s essential to apply both liquid and granular fertilizer at different times throughout the year for the maximum possible benefit and compliance with local ordinances. It’s Well known that a minimum of sixteen elements is considered critical for the growth of plants and trees of course, not including water, co2, and sunlight. This is important to acknowledge early on just how needed it is to get the right idea of how much food is necessary to feed these plants because without at least a competent fertilization schedule, your crop will wilt and die. It’s just that simple. Citrus Tree Plants require a considerable amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. This is important to know while picking out your fertilizers. Fertilizing Citrus Trees is often hopelessly complex and convoluted. Thankfully Green Edge is focused and committed to keeping your sweet citrus well-fed throughout the year on your behalf.

The Importance Of Copper Spray and Elemental Sprays

Horrible diseases like Citrus Canker, Alternia Brown Spot, Citrus Scab, and Greasy Spot can be controlled with copper anti-fungal treatment. However, if used too much, it can damage the tree, so it’s best to leave it up to experts. Green Edge is well versed in this kind of treatment.

In addition to copper, other types of fertilizers like minor applications of magnesium, manganese, iron, sulfur, copper, zinc, and boron these applications are considered essential and it’s vital, to use them when needed.

Edible Insecticide

A crucial part of citrus pest defense is not only regular applications of insecticide but also edible insecticide that can be consumed by pests. Green Edge uses safe and effective products for edible fruit plants that are non-toxic and adequate for consumption.

Green Edge Citrus Care and Arbor Jet

A useful component of our citrus health care plan is arbor jet, which is an environmentally friendly system pesticide/ fertilizer which is injected directly into the plant. This method is extremely convenient and environmentally friendly is highly effective. Arbor Jet for Citrus Tree Care works by injecting highly specified elements into the trunk for tree insect and pest control. Itis a form of systemic pesticide that is taken up via the vascular system of the tree and is distributed. Arbor Jet is extremely cost-effective and highly efficient especially for citrus trees which are highly susceptible to infestation from all kinds of pests such as scale insects, mites, aphids, leaf miners, mealy bugs, and much more. Arbor Jet and it’s many varying products along with Green Edge provide our clients and associates peace of mind that’s difficult to obtain in the world of Citrus Care.

Citrus Tree Irrigation and Care Routine

In addition to pest control and fertilization, it’s also essential to keep your citrus plants well irrigated at all times throughout the year. In large part, this should be done through an efficient irrigation system planned and done by Green Edge. Rather than intermittently watering using an automatic citrus irrigation system that automatically conforms to your citrus plant’s needs through the year. Soil Moisture is an instrumental barometer for whenever or not your plants are getting adequate water. If the soil is moisturized, then the plants should be well rinsed. If,, not then there is no need for additional watering.

Another essential part of the Citrus Tree Care Routine is Pruning which is important for cutting back on old growths to funnel light in. Well Pruned trees grow much better, in addition, adequate care must be taken to categorize and class citrus plants. Staying organized with your regular care routine is just as important as health care.

Green Edge Sarasota Citrus Care

In the Sarasota area, no service provides the quality of care expected for citrus plants other than Green Edge. Many Sarasota homeowners have trouble navigating the humid subtropical climate which promotes pests and diseases at abnormal rates, despite being one of the best states for citrus growing Florida citrus is highly susceptible to insects, diseases, and other nutritional issues.

Citrus plants are routinely ravaged by a complex combination of problems leaving shriveled leaves and poor fruit production. However, thanks to Green Edge, our team of horticultural experts provide only the most effective and scientifically proven Citrus Health Care service which ensures that your harvest is both bountiful and lush.

Our Citrus care Philosophy is focused on the usage of environmentally friendly pest control, fertilizers, irrigation for not only saving on maintenance costs but also to protect the environment and ensure bountiful harvests and greener pastures.

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