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Wells Rawls, Green Edge Florida
Wells Rawls, Green Edge Florida

Wells Rawls

Wells Rawls has been growing a passion for the outdoors and horticulture since he was a young boy. At five years he began organic gardening with his mother and father at the student garden plots at the University of California at Davis where his father was a fine arts major. From there Wells mowed lawns.  At eighteen he began working as a greenskeeper for a small golf course in up-state New York. Over the next five years Wells worked on several golf courses from Virginia to Florida where he enrolled in horticulture. In his second year Wells singed up for a landscape design course that changed his life.

It was then that Wells realized his love for science and art could be one career. Wells managed the school greenhouse, became a teachers aid in plant identification, and managed an interior plantscaping branch for a local franchise called Foliage Design Systems.

He then traveled the country installing and maintaining large commercial interior plant-scapes for the Foliage Deign Systems corporate office. Wells also worked for exterior landscape businesses in Orlando and Gainesville, Florida where he owned his own landscape business for ten years before relocating to the Sun Valley, ID in 2002.

From 2002 to 2008 Wells was the landscape designer and sales person for All Seasons Landscaping Inc. Wells designed and/or managed over 2.75 million dollars worth of projects.

In 2010 to 2012 EcoLandscape Group as a way offer an alternative to traditional landscape practices by connecting like minded landscape contractors to collaborate and mentor each other on a web based platform.

Since then Wells worked for Horticultural Alliance Inc. marketing biological fertilizers to the landscape and lawn industries while developing organic, carbon based plant nutrition systems for companies across the country.

Now GreenEdge Plant Health Care will be the leading force in sustainable eco-friendly landscape and lawn care in the SRQ area.

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