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For Lawn & Palm Care Services

Service Areas For Lawn & Palm Care Services

Discover GreenEdge’s expert lawn and palm care services, tailored to meet the unique needs of our communities in the Sarasota area, and see how we’re enhancing the beauty of our neighborhoods one lawn at a time.

Over Two Decades of Superior Lawn and Palm Care in the Sarasota Area

With over 20 years of experience, GreenEdge is proud to serve the communities of Sarasota, Osprey, and Bradenton, offering comprehensive lawn and palm care services tailored to the unique needs of each area. Our team of certified professionals is committed to transforming outdoor spaces into lush, green paradises, utilizing scientifically-backed methods and environmentally friendly practices. From pest control and disease management to turf nutrition and palm tree care, we’re dedicated to enhancing the beauty of our neighborhoods and ensuring the health and longevity of your landscapes. Experience the GreenEdge difference in your community today.

Choose Greener Grass

Step into a safer, greener outdoor space with our expert organic care. Request a quote today to start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with a lush, chemical-free lawn that’s perfect for your family and pets.

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