Sarasota’s Lawn, Tree & Pest Control Solutions

Welcome to GreenEdge Plant Health Care

GreenEdge specializes in environmentally-friendly tree, landscape, and plant care. Not only will we help you maintain a sustained, natural and beautiful landscape, but we will educate you on ways to preserve your lawn, landscape and plants in a safe and effective manner. Our main objective is to create a safe environment for ourselves and our peninsula, all while maintaining unsurpassed beauty.


Our earth-friendly approach and philosophy reduces maintenance costs, pollution and protects our natural resources.

Fertilization & Pest Control

Our certified pest control operators treat each property individually in order to control pests safely and obtain optimum landscape health.

Irrigation & Drainage

We provide residential and commercial property owners with cost-effective solutions for irrigation, drainage and rainwater capture.

Regenerative Pruning and Shaping

Improper pruning and shearing can cause many problems and lead to pests and disease.

Tree & Palm Care

Our certified, professional arborists follow industry standards for tree and palm care, while improving overall tree health and longevity.

Complete Citrus Care

From Citrus Greening to insect pests, citrus care needs to be a wholistic approach. We focus of soil health and proper nutrition as a foundation of disease resistance.

A foundation of soil health together with proper plant health care practices.

About GreenEdge Florida

Organic, Natural Plant Health Care and Lawn Care

We utilize the most current scientifically based, best management practices and technologies including organic pest control solutions, fertilizers, and environmentally safe chemicals.

We pride ourselves in giving you professional, ethical and responsible solutions.