Rugose Spiraling Whitefly is an invasive insect that spread rapidly through the Sarasota area several years ago. Like other Whiteflies, Spiraling Whitefly will harm the appearance and health of palm trees, and other tropical trees and shrubs and even some shade trees. Plants that suffer from the Rugose spiraling whitefly include all types of palm trees, white bird of paradise, travelers tree, the gumbo limbo, banana, black olive, mango palm, live oak, some shrubs such as copperleaf, cocoplum, and wax myrtle as well as others.

How To Identify Whitefly

Effective whitefly control services provided by GreenEdge, protecting the health and beauty of plants and trees in Sarasota, Osprey, and Bradenton from the damaging infestations of whiteflies, ensuring a thriving and pest-free environment.

Stop and investigate the leaves of your trees and plants. If you are noticing an abundance of white waxy material covering the leaves of your plants and palm trees you likely have a Whitefly or Mealybug infestation. If you also notice white spiraling patterns on the undersides of the leaves your palm likely has a Rugose spiraling whitefly invasion. The Rugose Spiraling Whitefly, Aleurodicus rugioperculatus Martin, was first identified in Florida in 2009, and has since spread throughout Florida. This whitefly is an escalating issue for homeowners, municipalities and business owners. They feed on a wide range of host plants including palms, woody ornamentals, and fruits, and have been a problem, especially for palms and trees at waterfront areas.

In the case of Rugose Spiraling whitefly what you will find are spirals and a build-up of white waxy material covering the bottom of the leaves. This coating is where the eggs have been laid. Plants can become severely coated with a white substance. The whole plant becomes unhealthy and is disfigured with large white patches and a black and sooty mold.

Spiraling Whitefly and other Whiteflies will harm trees and palms by feeding on fluid from the tree and producing honeydew. Honeydew will be visible as a sticky material on the underside of the leaves produced by the spiraling whitefly is the excrement of the fly. The material is a nuisance and can build up on cars, pool decks and patio furniture from nearby infestations, as well as attract other insects.

If you see an abundance of white waxy buildup covering the leaves or dark sooty mold contact Greenedge to take immediate action. Because Whiteflies will attack the underside of the leaves, the best method of controlling Whitefly is with Arrborjet trunk injections, accompanied by nutritional supplementation.

In most cases the Spiraling Whitefly will not kill healthy palms but newly planted or unhealthy plants could possibly die in serious infestations. The type of damage will depend on the type of plant concerned. The mold and sticky substance interferes with photosynthesis and when excessive, may reduce plant growth and may cause early leaf drop. When treated correctly the white waxy material honeydew will dissipate following recommendations made by GreenEdge. Do not wait too long to control this infestation.

Strategies for long term management of Spiraling Whitefly include:

  • Properly identify the whitefly infestation, there are similar-looking infestations from other species of insect.
  • Monitor the tree or plant. Do not wait until the leaves are covered. You want to look for the eggs, the leaves covered in white spiraling wax, honeydew and sooty mold.
  • Helpful long-term management are natural enemies to the Rugose spiraling whitefly include; ladybugs, parasitic wasps and others.
  • Provide correct nutritional needs for the trees and plants.
  • Protect the plants and trees from a future invasion of these pests by contacting Greenedge for complete treatment of your entire yard with palm tree injections and proper nutrition analysis.

Aborjet Trunk Injections and Spiraling Whitefly

The core of our strategy is to first control the pest infestation, then speedily recover the health of the tree with nutritional supplements.

Arborjet Trunk injections are the perfect solution for both controlling pests and invigorating trees and palms with superior fertilization.

Arborjet tree injections, especially labeled for the control of trees, can be used by Greenedge. Tree injections deliver proper nutrients directly into the tree and are highly effective. Trunk injections deliver effective protection directly where it is needed into the system of the plant. Pests like spiraling white fly that hide under the leaves will be eliminated highly effectively. The injections are long lasting and have less impact on the environment for the best treatment possible. This treatment will not wash away but is taken into the system of the tree or shrub for proper treatment and lasts for months with less chemicals or damage to the environment.

  • Treats the entire tree so even pests under the leaves are controlled
  • Long-lasting treatment Keeps the whole tree from ever getting a disease for preventative protection for months
  • Environmentally responsible – pesticides are only applied directly to the tree, so no chemicals will run-off in rain storms
  • With tree injections vitamins and fertilizers are injected into the tree with advanced nutrition to help the ailing tree and palm regain healthy vigor fast

Arborjet truck injections help your palms and trees recover from whitefly and other pests with advanced nutritional support

Many palm tree species need larger amounts of magnesium, manganese, potassium, sulfur, iron, and other substances. Without enough of these vital nutrients your palms may become yellowish and unhealthy looking. Traditional fertilizers can take quite a long time to disolve into the soil then be taken up by the tree, however with ArborJet the essential nutrients are injected into the truck and immediately available to the tree resulting in a green, healthy palm much faster than regular fertilizer.

Not all trunk injection services are equal. The Certified Arborists at Greenedge know how to proper apply treatment for your trees, palms and landscape to recover your property from Rugose Spiraling Whitefly infestations or all other pests and nutritional problems.

If your Palms or trees have become infested with Whitefly or other pests, contact the Palm Care experts at GreenEdge today for your free quote.

For complete Palm and Tree Trunk Arborjet Injections Information visitor our Arborjet Tree Injection Page.

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