Expert Trimming and Pruning Trees

Trees are pruned for aesthetics, tree health, controlling growth, and safety. You want trees that are a beautiful enhancement to your property and fit in with your landscape, not wild and invasive obstructing or endangering structures. That’s why a trained Arborist will use pruning and trimming to keep your trees at their best. Pruning is selectively removing certain parts of a plant, Trimming is changing the look of a plant for the purposes of aesthetics like trimming a bush until it looks like a shape.

While you could trim your own small trees after your trees and palms reach a larger size it becomes too dangerous for most people . Just like with a lot of things hiring a professional is the way to go.  A certified arborist will follow ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) standards and adhere to the Arborist code of ethics. Additionally different species of trees require different techniques in pruning. Pruning back trees incorrectly can cause damage to the tree, and open the door to other problems like infections or insect problems so before attempting to prune your large trees contact a certified arborist.

Removing Trees and Creating Clearance For Structures

Over time trees can become overgrown for the space and become a living obstacle threatening structures. It’s especially important to hire a certified arborist for the removing or cutting back large trees, branches and invasive roots, for the purposes of protecting buildings. Close proximity to structures will complicate removing large trees and branches.

While removing trees there are many things to consider including:

Trees prone to fall in a certain direction or leaning towards the ground.

  • Managing the risk of broken, dead, or even weak branches.
  • Clearing space for roofs and power lines.
  • Making sure the tree makes fruit if it does grow it.
  • Improving the aesthetic or physical structure of the tree and finally saving a Storm-damaged tree.

It’s important to be environmentally conscious – trees offer shade, oxygen, windbreaks and habitat for wild life, as such removing tree removal should be a last resort .

Bracing Newly Installed And Damaged Large Trees

Newly planted large trees and palms often require bracing to keep the tree upright even during storms and prevent a newly installed tree from threatening people and property. Other reasons for bracing can be to solve problems such as that can arise with long, heavy, or overextending limbs other problems such as v-crotches like two tops growing off the main trunk which may also require bracing. Structural defects like that will eventually lead to failures in many parts and even lead to property damage and personal injury. While dealing with these problems support systems such as bracing and cabling are necessary to prevent damage of injuring while manipulating tree branches. Consulting specialists like ISA compliant professionals are perfect for this kind of task as hardware support systems like steel, synthetic cables, and stalking and guying systems must be replaced in the event of weather and other conditions.

Planting & Installing Large Trees and Shrubs

While small saplings are easy to plant, large adult Trees and large shrubs  are heavy requiring large equipment such as cranes and trucks to maneuver into place.  If the operators mishandling them or drop them it will cause stress and sever the delicate roots carrying nutrients and water also possibly damaging property.

Many other considerations need to be taken when deciding to plant a tree, such as zoning and neighborhood associations in Sarasota have rules in regards to what and where plants are allowed to go. Before work can be carried out it should be noted that underground utility lines and the latter need to be marked thankfully that service will be provided to those who need it by simply calling 811. This should save both our professionals and you of having any nasty surprises.

Proper planning for installing large trees and palms requires that distance from buildings and overhead wires or existing landscape are taken into account. We will provide help and evaluate the previously noted fact to ensure the survival and well being of any shrub in Sarasota. The time of year you plant is extremely important and will have a huge impact on the well being of your tree. Our professionals will ensure that the spot where we plant has the right sunlight and soil conditions for your needs. The best time to plant anything is fall or early spring, in Sarasota however they can be planted during winter. While transplanting one there are many variables that must be considered in order to ensure a long and healthy life for your plants. Our Qualified Team of Professionals who are Skilled Sarasota arborists will assess the maturity and also the variety of the trees as well as their locations to ensure that it’s the right place for it to grow and thrive.

Once a shrub has been planted the experts will advise and assist you in the ongoing maintenance to ensure you get the most value from it. For most losses over or under-watering is the culprit. Soil conditions are essential as is the amount of rainfall the plant experiences. Consulting one of our qualified team members is a great way to know of the perfect watering schedule and equipment. Mulching is important for protecting the trunk from damage as well as ensuring soil moisture, nutrition, and temperature. Transplanted Trees will behave differently to new ones so be sure to ask us whenever fertilizer or a root stimulator is the right option for you. Another factor to consider is insect control which is important to protect the trees and keep an eye out for burrowing insects, oozing sap, and ants. Our staff will be more than happy to answer any questions and provide suggestions.

Storm and Hurricane Tree Damage Clean Up & Recovery

When a storm comes up it’s always important to clear the debris but doing it can be dangerous and as always you should consult a professional. As professionals, we can safely eliminate any danger, and provide care to trees that can be saved and return the client’s lawn to its former glory. After a storm or natural disaster such as a hurricane, many people try to make a quick buck off your suffering. It’s important to exercise caution and speak only to certified arborists who are compliant with ANSI guidelines who have adequate equipment and insurance to work safely and efficiently.

Our team of qualified professionals will take down any dead or hazardous limbs and try our best to save them if possible. Our team will provide for pruning damaged trees to support the structure and element the risk of falling. Arborists will make sure that all the damaged branches are taken care of and that no branches can be dislodged and hurt people and property.

It’s absolutely critical that when a storm passes, some storms even can uproot underground utilities or collide with overhead power lines. When combined with flooding it can be dangerous and you should contact us straight away.

Reasons for Professional Storm Clean Up assistance include:

  • Safely removing fallen trees and limbs, removing stumps.
  • Managing risk to people and property.
  • Removing hanging branches that could fall on people.

Demossing Trees & Cleaning Up Trunks

At first demossing may seem like simple work but there are in fact risks associated with conducting this practice yourself. It’s highly recommended to hire an arborist when demossing. The big risk here is damaging the tree while removing Spanish moss or tillandsia usneoides which are found on trees in Sarasota. Our team of qualified professionals will ensure that demossing does not be rid of any essential foliage. Partially removing is safer for the tree than removing all of it and will ensure foliage remains intact and keep the leaf population safe.

We are team will demoss it by hand rather than spraying sodium bicarbonate. This is because we don’t want the moss to fall to the ground and expose deadwood if not pruned properly. It’s hard to tell when there is too much moss so talk to us so beforehand and to wait for more severe moss build up. It has been claimed that 30%-60% of a Tree’s foliage can be destroyed if demossing is not done properly. As always hire a qualified professional to care for it in a responsible manner that minimizes risk to the plants.

Tree Health Evaluations and Tree Risk Assessment:

  • While surveying trees the following are assessed identification through species, location, and diameter.
  • What’s the local topography, soil conditions, and weather as well as climate in the planting site.
  • Health is also monitored as well as load factors for wind exposure, size as well as defects and risk categorization.

When deciding whether to remove or know the health of a tree a certified arborist in Sarasota can conduct an evaluation and risk assessment for your Tree. Get a solid evaluation and call one of our professional Sarasota-based arborists today.

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