When someone wants to give their landscape a tropical makeover, their go-to addition to the property is often a palm tree. It has become a staple in many areas in Florida, including Sarasota. Many residents grow palm trees to boost the curb appeal of their property.

Palm Trees Have Enormous Variety In Appearance And Cold Tolerance

A healthy palm tree dancing with the wind is always pleasing to look at. It can remind you of a relaxing time on a tropical island, and it can also add visual value to an otherwise bland property.

Their appearance isn’t the only good thing about palm trees. Many individuals opt for them because they can withstand hot and humid environments.

Cold Hardiness

There are thousands of varieties of palm trees. They come in different shapes, heights, and sizes. Each one has unique needs. Their ability to adapt to the weather also varies.

One mistake that many people make is that they fail to consider the cold weather. Many see Florida as a warm place. Although that may be true for the most part, the state also experiences lower temperatures.

When choosing a palm, you have to consider its cold hardiness. Generally, this refers to the capacity of a tree to resist injury when it gets exposed to low temperatures.

Varieties For Your Sarasota Home

The right palm tree can enhance the value of your community. It can also improve the overall look of your Sarasota home. When choosing a variety, do not only think about the hot climate. You also need to consider cold hardiness to make sure that your trees can tolerate lower temperatures.

Cabbage Palm – A lot of people choose this palm because it looks attractive in all growth stages. It can survive in hot and humid summers. At the same time, it is cold-hardy and can survive short periods of low temperatures. It is wind-resistant, and you can even plant it in an area with partial shade. In 1953, the Florida legislature designated cabbage palm as the state tree.

Royal Palm – This variety is a good choice for your Sarasota property. These trees can grow quickly if you water them and give them fertilizer regularly. They are also self-cleaning, so you do not need to think about regular pruning. These palms do well under the heat and can also tolerate cool winter nights. Additionally, they can survive even with inadequate drainage or inferior soil.

Piccabeen Palm – This variety is cold-hardy. However, it is only moderately drought-tolerant, so you may have to water it regularly. Like the royal palm, piccabeen is also self-cleaning.

Foxtail Palm – One of the most popular palms in Sarasota is the foxtail. Aside from being self-cleaning, it has a smooth and clean trunk. If you are only worried about light frost, this palm may be right for you. However, you may need to give it extra protection for freezing temperatures.

Saw Palmetto – This Florida native is among the most cold-tolerant palms, and it can also survive droughts and floods. It can grow in the shade or under direct sunlight. What’s more, it is less vulnerable to pest infestations compared to other types of palm.

If you are one of those people who want to have a palm tree on your property, you need to take a lot of things into consideration. These include the soil you have, the amount of sunlight in your area, your proximity to establishments or residences, wind exposure, and your ability to look after the tree. Aside from these, you have to make sure your palm can survive the climate in Sarasota.

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