Florida-friendly landscaping starts with finding more responsible landscape pest control methods to employ throughout the year. Diseases, insects, and weeds are the top problems that cause homeowners to scratch their heads as they look for more viable solutions for the issues at hand.

Without doing research, some might immediately fall back on pesticides, weed killers, and fungicides to fix the problem. However, there are much more effective and natural ways of protecting your landscape from pests.

Identify The Problems

First, you want to check the landscape and determine exactly what your problems are. Make sure to check all of your plants and your turf regularly. Look for any signs of insect damage, infestation, or overgrowth of weeds. When you catch these problems early on, you have a much better chance of finding the best way to control them.

The next step is to identify what pests are causing the damage. While many insect species don’t harm your landscape, there are still a few you will have to battle. Once you have identified the pests, it is time to find the most efficient way to eliminate them.

Safer Pest Control Options

Always remember that even your healthiest plants can experience problems here and there. For that reason, you need to be aware of some of the more natural options that are available to help eradicate this problem.

Natural Pesticides

Natural, organic pesticides typically come from plant extracts as well as mined elements. Some soaps and oils can also be used for pests and ultimately suffocate them without the use of pesticides or other dangerous chemicals.
Insecticidal soaps and horticultural oils, for example, can serve as pesticides and are used in greenhouse production systems to eliminate the population of pests that threaten landscapes.

These pesticides have low toxicity and cause fewer harmful effects for people. There is also a low chance of pest populations developing resistance to these products.

Chemical Pesticides

However, there may also be times that call for the use of chemical pesticides. In these cases, you want to make sure that the products are applied in the safest and most effective way possible so they don’t harm the landscaping or destroy the environment.

Before using chemical pesticides, it is always recommended that you try to find a more natural means of eliminating the pests first. If not, make sure that the pesticides being used are the least toxic ones available and only the recommended amount is used.

This is when a professional pest control company can prove beneficial, especially when they take a safer approach to pest control. For smaller plants, they can also utilize a liquid soil and root drench methodology, which means that there is no reason to use sprays or aerosols with this kind of application.

Injecting Methods

Professionals can directly inject pesticides and fertilizers directly into the trunk of any trees or palms you have. This will help if you are having issues with boring insects and you have found that simple sprays and other methods are ineffective against them.

Practicing Safe Pest Control

You will find that a pesticide-only approach to pest control isn’t always going to be the most practical option because it is often only a temporary fix. So to keep your landscaping healthy and free of pests, you should look for more natural

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