PHC is a process of scheduled preventative maintenance based on monitoring and use of cultural, organic and chemical tactics, to enhance tree, palm, turf and woody ornamental vitality.

The plant and its requirements become the central focus, rather than responding to symptoms caused by pest presence, physical agents, or nutritional deficiencies. GreenEdge addresses the basic causes of the reduction in plant health and provides corrective measures to promote plant health. GreenTech was founded on the principles of PHC which is a total health approach to landscape and plant health. PHC recognizes that trees, palms and woody ornamentals are part of a greater landscape ecosystem and proactively addresses all aspects of landscape stewardship. Essentially, PHC is an active early approach to a landscape, as opposed to a panicked reaction to a pest problem.

PHC maintains landscape trees, palms, turf and woody ornamentals by:

  • Evaluating the landscapes environment
  • Noting causes of plant stress
  • Maintaining plant health through cultural practices
  • Investigating the landscape through monitoring
  • Identifying and treating problems as they occur

The following are examples of some common problems that GreenEdge tries solve:

  • Many plant problems are related to improper matching of the plants requirements to the landscape site.
  • Plants may have been improperly planted.
  • Plants may be subjected to improper maintenance techniques.
  • Often a combination of improper plant sighting (wrong plant / wrong site), improper planting and improper maintenance techniques can cause plant stress and decline.

GreenEdge will also consider your expectations when deciding how to implement a PHC treatment program. One important question is when do you, the client, want to resort to chemical control of problems. Some clients will tolerate a greater percentage of plant damage before requiring action. Some clients will tolerate very little plant damage. Treatment recommendations are then made to the client based on that client’s expectations. The key to a successful PHC program is communication between the client and GreenEdge.

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