Snails are one of the most common garden pests. They like damp, dark places where they can hide from predators and lay their eggs. They are also opportunistic feeders and will eat whatever they can get their slimy little hands on.

Snails are not dangerous to people, pets, or livestock but can wreak havoc on your garden. The common snails in the U.S. are apple snail, grapevine snail, and snail katydid. 

There are a few ways to get rid of snails from your garden. If you discover them early enough, you can prevent them from returning. Here is how you can get rid of snails in your garden:

Ways to Get Rid of Snails in Your Garden

1.Physical barrier

This method is best for preventing snails from entering your garden in the first place. It is a physical barrier that will keep snails out of your area and off your plants.

Build a physical barrier around your plants to keep snails out. Start with a 6-inch layer of gravel around your plants. Fill any holes or gaps in your foundation with more gravel. Next, build a raised bed around your garden. A raised bed is an attractive place for snails to go. It is a more private space, and they won’t feel as exposed when they hide in the bed.

2. Use an insecticide

This method will help you get rid of snails while still young and small. However, if you wait too long, they can grow into giant monsters immune to insecticides. You can also try this method if you already have a population of giant snails.

When using an insecticide, follow the label instructions carefully and use only the recommended amount.

3. Use organic snail bait above ground.

This method uses organic slug bait above ground. Organic slug baits are made from highly attractive ingredients that snails can’t resist. They are often baited with salt, onion, garlic, or neem oil. These ingredients are repellents that keep snails away from your plants.

Organic slug baits can be used in several ways. You can place them around the base of your plants and let them sit for a short time. You can also sprinkle them around your plants and let them sit for a longer time.

4. Set up traps

Traps are a great way to catch and kill snails. You can use both the traditional snap band and the electronic snap band trap.

You can place a snap band trap anywhere in your yard that snails use to travel. Snails crawl along the ground, so set a snap band trap near their path.

Electronic snap bands are small electronic discs triggered when a snail walks on them. They kill the snail by releasing a sizzling charge that can set it off if it’s within a half-foot of the band.

5. Fertilize with snail-attracting compost

You can also add snail-attracting compost to your fertilizers. Adding this compost will attract snails, and they will help fertilize your plants by eating the compost. Adding snail-attracting compost will also keep them away from your plants by adding a repellent.


Snails are a common and frustrating problem for many people. Finding a way to get rid of them can be overwhelming. If you follow these tips for snail control, you will be able to rid your garden of snails.

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