Moles are small, furry mammals that spend most of their lives underground. They eat insects and worms but also cause problems in gardens and yards. Moles live in tunnels, digging at about one foot per minute. They also push up mounds of dirt. Moles often leave these mounds above ground, making them easy to spot.

An unwanted mole can be an unsightly problem in your yard or garden, but there are several ways to control these pests without harming them or yourself.

Know The Difference Between Moles And Shrews

Moles have pointed snouts, small eyes, and ears covered by fur. Their bodies are covered with dark brown fur with lighter-colored patches on their bellies. Their front paws have five toes, while the back paws have four toes. They also have large claws at the end of each paw that helps them dig through the earth easily.

Shrews look similar to moles, but they’re much smaller than moles and don’t have any fur on their bodies at all – instead, they have dense brownish skin, which gives them an almost naked appearance.

How To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Yard And Garden

There are many effective ways to get rid of moles – some even work well enough on their own to prevent them from coming back in the future! Here’s how:


Repellent products are chemical-based substances that repel moles from an area by scent alone. These products use natural ingredients like castor oil or putrid eggs to create a smell that moles don’t like and won’t stick around for long after using this product near their burrow entrance.

Use Bait

Moles love to eat earthworms, so if you have a mole problem, try using bait that contains an earthworm attractant. You can buy commercial mole bait in many different forms or make your own using a mixture of cornmeal and molasses or honey. Some people also recommend using a mixture of peanut butter and brown sugar as bait for moles. If you’re going to use homemade bait, make sure it’s not too sticky so that it won’t stick to their fur when they eat it.

Remove the food source

Moles eat earthworms, grubs, and other insects that live underground. If you eliminate these food sources by killing off the bugs they eat or adding insecticides to your soil before planting flowers or vegetables, it will discourage moles from coming back.

Remove coverings

Covering your yard with sod or mulch is a foolproof way to keep moles away from your garden beds because they will not burrow through these materials. The only downside is that you’ll need to keep replacing them as they wear out over time or when you want to plant something new in your garden bed.

Repair damaged areas

You should repair damaged areas in your yard immediately, so moles don’t have an opportunity to move into those areas again once they’ve moved out of them. If there are any holes in your garden bed, fill them up with dirt or rocks as soon as possible so moles cannot re-enter.

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