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Palm Tree Care Sarasota

Palm Tree Care Sarasota FL

In Sarasota palm trees are very popular and provide beauty and value to any property, and our climate allows for a large variety of species from around the world from the purely tropical Coconut Palm, to Florida native trees such as the Sabbal palm and everything in between. However when problems such as yellowing or insects arise, caring for them becomes tricky and that’s where GreenEdge comes in.

Members of our management team are certified ISA Arborists, Certified Horticultural Professionals, and Certified Pest Control Operators. The team at GreenEdge are palm tree health care experts, and can diagnose any palm tree issue, then restore the ailing trees back to health. Having a professional team of horticulture experts care for your palm trees is a great way to ensure beautiful lush palm trees all year long with no hassle. Many Palms thought to be low maintenance actually be difficult to maintain deep green fronds of time due to infertile soil and nutritional deficiencies which can result in an unsightly yellowing and even death.

Palm Tree Care Needs

Palm Tree Pest Control – When caring for palms it is critical to look out for pests as they will infest and diminish the look of the palm trees, although they won’t kill the palm tree it will reflect poorly on their look. Common palm tree insecticides include Sprays and Oils but it’s important to identify what is affecting your palms. Common Pests include cabbage palm caterpillar targets its name sake vigorously but nothing else, giant palm borer large and ugly beetle that lives inside of palm trees, palmetto weevil prefers cabbage palm there is also the spiraling white fly which targets many palm trees and lays eggs on the underside of palm trees an efficient way of preventing this problem from occurring is to use systemic pesticides which kill invading insects.

Palm Tree Diseases – Much more serious than pests are diseases which target and kill palm trees. When caring for palms it is essential to spot and sound the alarm act quickly as if unattended palms will die of disease. Common Palm Tree diseases include Bud Rot which is caused by a fungus that will make heart fronts die and will kill the palm tree quickly, Fusarium Wilt which is an incurable disease characterized by fronts losing their luster and dying, Ganoderma Butt rot a recent arrival will invade and grow at the base of the palm tree, and finally the devastating Lethal Yellowing which caused mass economic damage and is highly destructive there is no known cure. As said though it’s not completely hopeless even though many palm diseases are incurable many are. It’s critical to know what is impacting your lawn however time is of the essence.

Palm Tree Irrigation – Irrigating a palm tree isn’t the most complicated thing in the world. However it will need to be done right to ensure optimal growth at all times during the year when it rains a lot versus when it’s bone dry. Florida Palm tree can be more hardy than what one initially thinks that being said however if you grow a lot of Palm Trees then you’ll want an intricate professionally created irrigation system. Not irrigating a palm at all or watering it way too much is a great way to stall growth or kill it. Our irrigation systems are specifically designed to offer maximum coverage and ensure not one drop is wasted.

Palm Tree Pruning – Improper pruning and shearing only ends up damaging palms. That being said however pruning is a great way to ensure maximum coverage and keeping leaves and branches in tip top shape.

Palm Tree Nutrition – Palm Fertilization is absolutely crucial as without the steady stream of nutrients and minerals palms will wilt and eventually die. Proper fertilization of palm trees not only ensures optimal growth but also protects against the myriad of pests and diseases that affect palms nowadays. With GreenEdge our fertilizer solutions are tailored to the local florida climate with an emphasis on many things including watering and soil quality you can bet that with minimal cost your palms will be thriving in no time.

Sarasota Florida Palm Tree Care Experts

Palm Tree Health Care

At GreenEdge those with thriving palm landscapes can rest assured that our qualified team of ISA certified arborists and Horticulture specialists will tend to any palm’s needs. If you’re interested in our plethora of landscape revivalist and health care services or have an urgent question that needs answering please contact us via our website for a free quote. Our company’s services are done with a sense of environmental friendliness and professionalism that has no equal. Our founding goal is to guarantee expert landscape service whilst protecting the environment and nursing beautiful landscapes. Whenever it is tree care, palm care, citrus, ornamentals GreenEdge’s experience and knowledge with cutting edge tools and equipment will ensure that all landscapes no matter what are beautiful, we even restore old or decaying landscapes to their former glory. When it comes to palm care in Sarasota Florida consider using GreenEdge.