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Organic Plant Nutrition

Once sufficient carbon levels are reached through compost applications in new or damaged soils, or older landscapes that had long term plant growth, plant fertilizers can be switched to lower concentration natural sources like fertilizers processed from agricultural plant wastes and animal sources.

Microbially released Nitrogen is achieved with a technology where the Nitrogen is bound inside a clay particle. Bacteria eat the clay and nitrogen. The nitrogen is processed through the bacteria at a very slow rate. This vastly reduces the amount available to runoff or leaching into the groundwater. Plant Protein Hydrolyzate is a class of products made by breaking down agricultural wastes like soybeans and other grains with enzymes to produce fertilizers. Finally there’s good old manure. Many locations have supplies of processes manures for lawn and garden fertilizer. Lower, slower plant growth is desirable for maximum plant health.

By starting with a foundation of Carbon and beneficial soil microorganisms, the need for high levels of individual elements like Nitrogen and Phosphorous goes way down. Florida’s Sandy, low organic soils make it difficult to hold fertilizers in the root zone. Changing the focus from Nitrogen to Carbon is the solution.

Coutesy of Michelle Uyeda