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Lawn care – keeping your turf green and lush long-term, can be surprisingly challenging for property owners in the Sarasota area, especially when you’re concerned about maintaining long term beauty and cost savings in an area with poor soils, invasive insects and plants, and periods of very wet or very dry conditions.

The Lawn Care Service team at GreenEdge is passionate about plant health care and landscape pest control restoring declining lawns to beautify green carpets of grass. Our Florida-friendly landscaping services will ensure your lawn stays green and beautiful for years to come.

Solving Sarasota Lawn Fungus & Insect Problems

Common lawn health problems and diseases in Florida turf can be caused by several pervasive issues such as fungi, insects and often are the result of an imbalance in the soil.

Lawn fungi issues often include  Brown Patch Fungus, a small radius of infected grass turning brown caused by over watering and rains, Fairy Rings a problem caused by multiple fungi and usually during our rainy summers can create circular areas of rotten grass that can stay in the soil and recur on and off with rainy weather for years sometimes initially visible only by mushrooms that appear. Dollar spot and rust fungus are also problems for Sarasota area lawns and plants.

Sarasota Lawn Care - Brown Spot

Getting Rid Of Harmful Lawn Insects & Microbiology

Insects like fire ants,  mole crickets and pillbugs, are also common pests that will rapidly degrade your turf, further opening up your lawn to other problems such as invasive weeds, fungi, harmful nematodes and even harmful microorganisms.

Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Pest Control Experts

All of these diseases and pests affect grass and small plants; they are parasitic in nature. Fortunately for our clients, lawn care pest control and prevention is among the most important services we provide with our arsenal of environmentally friendly insecticides and fungicides.

Our horticulture experts quickly diagnose any lawn health problem, and provide treatments coupled with our scientific approach to lawn care, ensuring that these problems are solved as efficiently as possible, and without harming our southwest Florida environment.

Eco-Friendly Sarasota Lawn Care Techniques:

    • Soil Top Dressing – a layer ¼ inches thick deposited all over the lawn. The purpose of this is to fertilize and nurture the soil with a long-term soil improvement rather than harsh chemicals keeping your grass growing and healthy longer. It improves the soil quality, breaks down thatch layer, helps seeds germinate, it’s also useful for renovating a distressed lawn. It is important to clear pests and weeds before top dressing.
    • Irrigation – Definitely the most important thing for lawn care water is necessary but only the minimal amount should be used in order to save on maintenance costs and safeguard soil health. Too much water can actually be worse than not using enough due to the face that over irrigating erodes the soil,  and it will promote the growth of fungus and harmful microbiology. Our irrigation methods are designed to be low maintenance, low cost and environmentally friendly to ensure green grass all year round.
    • Lawn Care Pest Control – If not controlled pests will multiply and infest plants and grass which is when a variety of techniques are employed to combat and hopefully eliminate any insects, fungus, rodents, bacteria that are causing trouble in your lawn. We use environmentally friendly pest control techniques in order to save money and prevent degradation and cross contamination of local plants and animals. Our primary pest control method is soil and drill then applying organic pest control  to the affected area, preventing any unwanted contamination of chemicals in the environment.

Maintaining Property Value & Curb Appeal

The maintenance of your landscape over the long-term is an ongoing important task and  very important for Sarasota property owners who are concerned about property value and curb appeal. Any large scale pest infestation or other lawn care problem will reflect poorly on property value so you’ll need only the greatest in Florida lawn care. GreenEdge’s main focus when it comes to long term lawn care is safeguarding and restoring the health of existing lawns against threats such as insects, fungus, and microbial diseases in addition to providing expert horticulture solutions based in scientific fact that will ensure your lawn blooms and thrive.

Horticulture Science-Based Lawn Care Services

Our applied horticulture focused services include regenerative pruning and shaping in addition to environmental focus that keeps costs down and protects the environment. Our applied horticulture solutions are specifically tailored to South-West Florida’s climate so everything we do is based on scientific facts, experience, and knowledge. We try our best to ensure that all controls fertilizer, irrigation, and pest control are specifically dialed to ensure that all landscapes grow and thrive. In Addition soil health and maintenance is critical to long term growing prospects even if everything else is done correctly if the soil isn’t maintained properly then it means the plants won’t grow properly and stagnate. We use a cocktail of environmentally friendly solutions such as compost for top dressing lawns and carbon based fertilizer, without this critical foundation of soil health the health of any lawn would suffer without this critical link.

Our company management team includes Grant Beatt, certified Horticulturist and Arborist, as well as pest control operator, horticultural professional, and certified for green industries.

Effective Lawn Care, Superior Service and Environmentally-Friendly

When it comes to lawn care and landscaping our focus is on customer satisfaction and the environment. We only use environmentally friendly solutions for all our landscape applications. GreenEdge revitalizes declining lawns and transforms existing lawns into beautiful landscapes with Florida-friendly solutions that are superior to traditional chemical treatments.

GreenEdge can provide complete landscape plant health services including irrigation, organic pest control, organic fertilization, soil health and improvement, regular check ups, soil microbiology and much much more.

GreenEdge is a unique specialized company that focuses on a number of high skilled lawn care services in order to provide maximum customer satisfaction and competitive lawn care performance.

For Green Edge Plants and Grass are only a canvas to our team of highly qualified experts. If you have any questions regarding our vast array of plant care related services contact us for your free quote.