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Biological Soil Building >

Many avid and successful gardeners and home landscapers have trouble adjusting to gardening in Florida because of our poor, sandy soils. To make that situation worse, developers seldom use soils for plant growth. Many times the planting soils were excavated for the retention ponds to build roads and foundations. Understandably these soils are extremely difficult to establish plant communities in. Adding carbon in organic matter is crucial to establishing an environment suitable for plant growth.

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Fertilization & Pest Control >

Maintain and protect your landscape with lawn and garden fertilization and pest control. We use only the latest technology and Earth friendly controls as a first option. Organic programs are also available. From Carbon rich compost top dress, to state of the art palm injections, we can find a solution.

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Irrigation & Drainage >

Like any organism on Earth, soil microbes need water to live but can’t be drown in it. Proper irrigation and drainage management is critical to keep soil microbes healthy and active.

Monthly and quarterly irrigation checks and service ensure that problems associated with water logged soils are not mistaken for disease or another unrelated problem.

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Safer Pest Control >

Even the healthiest plant can have problems from time to time. In that case we employ a wide range of effective programs that start with natural, organic pesticides from plant extracts and mined elements. Many plant extracts have antagonistic or even deadly effects of insects. Soaps and oils can cover and suffocate them. Plant extracts from the Indian Neem tree can stop feeding and even kill plant feeding insects.

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Regenerative Pruning & Shaping >

Not all cuts are the same. When hiring a pruning team for your specimen plants and trees the vision of the technician is much more important than how much material is removed. We have hundreds of different plant types and growth habits here in Florida. Some are vines, trees, some bushes, and some tropical plants that grow straight from the ground. Each plant needs to be shaped in a different way.

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Consulting >

Are you a developer or real estate manager who wants to learn more about taking control of your landscape portfolio and getting more stable, predictable outcomes? We can help you understand the complex forces at work and how your organization can become much more proactive with soil health and increase planting success.

By purchasing soil building programs and managing them with us, you can vastly increase your success by lowering plant failure rates. You’ll also see increased health and vigor in days not week after installation, and a better product for your buyers.

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